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Pasley Propeller Moves to the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

The historic 7 ton, 14 ft. diameter relic made its way from the Port of Newport International Terminal to the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center where it will be part of a new display at the entrance. The solid steel prop is from the C.W. Pasley, a steel-reinforced concrete hulled vessel that was built near the end of WWII. The C.W. Pasley was 336 feet long and had a gross tonnage of 4800. The deck and hull were made entirely of concrete reinforced with steel. In 1948, the Yaquina Bay Dock and Dredge Company sank the C.W. Pasley and the Francois Hennebique at McLean Point to serve as wharves for cargo handling. The ships were stripped of all salvageable gear and provisions, and the stripped hulls were floated into place and sunk by blasting holes in their sides and bottoms. The area between the hulls and the shore was backfilled with sand from Yaquina Bay.

In 1982 the Port of Newport purchased McLean Point. In the mid-1990s fuel oil started leaking out of the C.W. Pasley’s cracked hull, and the last log ship called at the Newport Terminal dock in May 1999. A complete renovation of the terminal began in 2010. As part of the project, the C.W. Pasley was refloated and dismantled, and the Francois Hennebique was partially dismantled.

Much of the Francois Hennebique hull remains under the terminal and the bow can be seen sticking out of the tarmac. The cement from the hulls was ground up and reused as paving material and the metal rebar recycled. The new International Terminal opened for business August 2013.

The propeller off the C.W. Pasley is now on display at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center, 333 SE Bay Blvd., just across from Port Dock 5.

Saying Farewell. . .

Kevin Bryant, Commercial Harbormaster, Retires

Kevin was hired by the Port in August, 1988. He started in maintenance, then worked security, moved to operations at South Beach, migrated to operations on the north side, and became the commercial harbormaster about ten years ago. Married in 1979, he and his wife Nancy have three children.

He has seen a lot of changes at the Port in his time here. Counting interim managers, he has worked with seven general managers. He has witnessed the renovation of the Annex RV Park, and the construction of the new Marina RV Park, as well as the International Terminal, and NOAA MOC-P.

As the commercial harbormaster, he was in charge of the commercial docks, assigning slips to arriving vessels, and dealing with all of the issues that come with commercial fishing and fishermen. With the exception of the International Terminal, he was also in charge of all maintenance of Port property on the north side of the bay.

In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping.

. . .Joining the Team

Steve Beck Sworn in as Port of Newport Commissioner

Steve spent time growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego, splitting time between living close to his Dad’s family (Bay Area) and his Mom’s (San Diego). He graduated from Crawford High School in San Diego in 1973 then moved north to the Bay Area to attend college. Steve graduated from Chabot College in 1976, and attended California State University Hayward in 1977.

In 1977 he started his career in the insurance industry. Steve became a licensed Life, Health & Disability agent at age 21. In 1978 he was recruited and became a Property & Casualty agent for California Casualty Insurance Company in their business insurance division, and at 23 had become the youngest agent hired in that division. Steve met his wife Susan, who was an insurance underwriter, in 1985. They lived in the Oakland Hills until moving to Oregon in 2001. In August 2003 they bought a house in Newport with the plan to start a business and become involved with the community. They started their Farmers Insurance agency in October of 2003. They joined the Chamber of Commerce in February 2004 and started to get involved in volunteering right from the start.

Steve has served on several non-profit boards and has been Chair/President on three of those boards: the Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses, Community Development Corporation of Lincoln County, and Pacific Communities Health District/Hospital Foundation. Steve is looking forward to being a Commissioner on the Port of Newport board, realizing that the job at hand is important to the community in many ways. He brings experience in business development, risk management and community outreach.

North Side News

Commercial Fishing Users Group Committee

At their July 26, 2016 meeting, the Port of Newport Commissioners unanimously voted to establish a Committee consisting of representatives from various areas of interest in commercial fishing. The Committee will serve to aid the Board of Commissioners in making critical decisions regarding policies, facilities and services by providing guidance and recommendations. The areas addressed may include capital infrastructure, maintenance, security, rates and fees, and budget and finances related to operations at the commercial docks and international terminal.

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove Premiering Tuesday, September 13th

The Discovery Channel will begin airing the series about the Dungeness crab fishery, filmed here in Newport beginning in January 2016. Billed as “Welcome to Newport, OR, where generations of fishermen and their families sacrifice it all, including life, making a living on the sea. This series follows 4 families competing in a rare, catch-as-much-as-you-can, Dungeness Crab Derby,” the series features Captains Marc Shelbach on the Galway Bay, Mikey Retherford, Jr. on the Winona J, Chris Retherford on the Excalibur, Gary Ripka on the Western Breeze, Kenny Ripka on the Redeemer, and Johnny Law on the Lady Law. You can find more information on the Discovery Channel website at http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/deadliest-catch-dungeon-cove/.

South Side News

Construction Update – Multi-Use Area

Asphalt was installed at the Multi Use area (Old boat launch) and the construction fencing was moved allowing the use of the area. The new design of the Multi Use Area has received very good reviews from users. The addition of topsoil and landscaping will be completed after the high season.

Angell Job Corps Continues Work on SB Marina North Side Restroom Building

Angell Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through vocational and academic training.” The Port is pleased to have hired the Corps to refurbish the exterior of the bathrooms at the RV Park, and to perform some landscaping.

Port of Newport Volunteer Mates

The Mates continue to be active around the Port. Recently, they have completed cleaning and updating information kiosks at South Beach, NOAA-MOC-P and the International Terminal.

International Terminal News

August saw the visit of the Katie Ann, a trawler/processer owned by American Seafoods Company out of Seattle. At 295′, she is one of the longest ships we have seen in Newport.

National Security Officer Appreciation Week

The Port of Newport is proud to honor our security team during National Security Officer Appreciation Week, September 18 – 24, 2016!

The security officers who provide services here and all those who strive to help maintain safe and secure workplaces, schools, shopping malls and communities deserve our heartfelt appreciation. Security officers are hard-working, highly trained men and women who are our country’s first responders. This is an opportunity to say thank you, and recognize our security officers’ many contributions to our daily lives.

You can join recognizing our security officers by stopping to thank them. We appreciate everything this team does for us. Thank you for taking just a few minutes to show your appreciation of those who watch out for us every day!

TCB Officer Aaron Ferguson Responds to Boat Fire

At 11:30 pm on August 22rd, TCB Security patrol officer Aaron Ferguson received a report of a boat fire. When he reached the F/V Sea Dog, he found Earnest Walton using a garden hose in an attempt to quell the wheelhouse fire. Ferguson, a former firefighter, took over the hose. He managed to contain the fire until Newport Fire arrived, but had to order Walton to exit for Walton’s safety when he attempted to locate his dog. Thanks to Ferguson’s actions, Walton was not injured, but the dog succumbed to the smoke.

The Port Commission will be recognizing officer Ferguson’s actions at their September 27th board meeting.


9/10 MDR Charity Car Show

9/23 Arthritis Bike Classic

927 Commission Work Session

9/27 Regular Commission Meeting

10/7 – 10/8 U-Da-Man Fishing Derby

10/8 Columbus Day Regatta

10/15 Newport Bay to Brews 1⁄2 Marathon/10K

10/18 Regular Commission Meeting

10/29 Dia De Los Muertos Race

11/8 Election Day

11/11 Veteran’s Day, Port Office Closed

11/15 Regular Commission Meeting

11/24 5th Annual Turkey Trot

11/24 – 11/25 Thanksgiving Holiday, Port Office Closed

12/20 Regular Commission Meeting

12/26 Christmas Holiday, Port Office Closed


Walter Chuck Position 1 President

Steve Beck Position 2

Stewart Lamerdin Position 3

Ken Brown Position 4 Vice-President

Patricia Patrick-Joling Position 5 Secretary/Treasurer

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE    Phone 541-265-7758   Fax 541-265-4235

SOUTH BEACH MARINA & RV PARK     Phone 541-867-3321    Fax 541-867-3352

GENERAL MANAGER    Kevin Greenwood 541-265-7758

DIRECTOR OF FINANCE      Stephen Larrabee 541-265-7758

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS     Rick Fuller 541-265-7758

HARBORMASTERS   Kent Gibson, Commercial Marina   541-270-5557

Chris Urbach, South Beach Marina   541-270-5558


INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL   Pete Zerr 541-961-6010   Office 541-265-9651   Fax 541-265-9651

NOAA FACILITIES MANAGER    Jim Durkee 541-270-0545


Regular Commission Meeting is the 4th Tuesday of the month, South Beach Activities Room, 2120 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport, Oregon 97365. See our website for updates.







Jun2016 - Port of Newport - Port & Starboard Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 2 online edition 1

Jun2016 - Port of Newport - Port & Starboard Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 2 online edition 2

Jun2016 - Port of Newport - Port & Starboard Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 2 online edition 3

Jun2016 - Port of Newport - Port & Starboard Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 2 online edition 4

Jun2016 - Port of Newport - Port & Starboard Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 2 online edition 5

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