Why We’re Here (and on the air too)

The Radio Stations Of Yaquina Bay Communications & Pacific West Broadcasting are pleased to bring you text and video content here on Oregon Coast Daily News. This web page is a compliment to our daily newscasts on all 6 YBC / PWB radio stations from Lincoln City, Newport & Waldport. Check back several times daily for the latest news & information.

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19 Comments on "Why We’re Here (and on the air too)"

  1. Your station is part of my day as I commute to work. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the familiar voices sharing music and news. Thank you and keep up the good work!


  3. I cannot find contact information for your site to send nes tips or releases you may like to use on South Lincoln Resources .

    E mail address?
    phone number?

    • Our email address is news@ybcradio.com and the station phone number is 541-265-2266. Thank you for your interest and any news or pictures you could send on anything going on in South County would be a great help. You would receive credit for the posting on our website. Thanks again and i look forward to hearing from you soon
      Kiera Morgan
      News Director

  4. jeniffer harrison | July 27, 2012 at 8:14 am | Reply

    i wish you all streamed i used to live in lincoln city and my family own a business in depoe bay and always enjoyed listening to howard and his music

  5. Larry Newman | March 1, 2013 at 9:59 am | Reply

    We put you on our favs, then no news since Feb 22 ! What’s up?

    • Sorry Larry, I have been on vacation and the news was not provided to the person filling in to update the website. I am back now and you will start to see local posts. Thank you for following us and hope you continue to get your news from our local radio stations and this website.

  6. It’s refreshing to have a local online news page that seems to care about spelling, grammar, and accuracy.

  7. Hello Kiera-
    I like that we are following each other on our blogs. I’m delighted to have found yours. My husband and I recently completed OSU’s Oregon Master Naturalist studies with our field work done in the Coast Ecoregion. Because we live in the “Valley” it’s great to have your site as a way to remain aware of the issues happening locally on the Coast.

    • Thank you Jane, I will be doing an interview with the OSU Master Gardeners today. You can listen online or download the podcast today after noon at knptam.com. look to the left under hotline and click on todays date.

  8. Thank you for the tip, Kiera.
    I think you would enjoy an interview with the director of the OSU Oregon Master Naturalist Program as well.


    Jason P. O’Brien, Program Coordinator

    • Do they have a program in Lincoln County? Because our stations serve this area my talk programs have to be about events and activities in Lincoln County. If so please provide a contact person through OSU that I could contact about an interview. Thanks

  9. Yes, some of the Oregon Master Naturalist course work does take place in Lincoln County. The person to chat with is-
    Program Coordinator- Jason O’Brien
    Website- http://oregonmasternaturalist.org/
    Email- Jason.OBrien@oregonstate.edu
    My husband and I enjoyed being students and have completed the program. It started with an online component in which we learned basic information about the ecoregions of Oregon, and their related: natural resource management issues, geology, human history, etc.

    After completion of the online, e-learning coursework, participants select an ecoregion to study in more depth through brick & mortar classes and field studies. My husband and I selected the Coast Ecoregion with emphasis on the North Coast (another cadre was offered with emphasis on the South Coast).

    Newport served as the fulcrum for both groups with class/field studies at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon Aquarium, and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.

    You might also be interested to know…
    A couple of the OSU- OMN partners are-
    – Sea Grant Oregon
    – Oregon State Parks
    both of whom have ties with Lincoln County.

    Hope this helps-

  10. While I’m sure this website says very flattering things about your six stations, I’d wager it’s also a complEment to your broadcasts.

  11. what happened to all the nice pictures you posted

  12. I currently serve as the Chairperson for the Newport Loyalty Day & Sea Fair Festival – we are approaching our 61st celebration and parade in Newport. The dates will be May 4,5,6,7,2017 with the parade taking place on Saturday May 6th. We will have a great event this year and things are well under way in our planning and implementing for this year. Our committee has several people who work hard volunteering all of their time to make this event happen for all of Newport. I know that this weekend is a boon for all of Newport especially the hotels, restaurants, and other small businesses. We are glad to provide this service and currently have 6 board members and another 12 sub committee members but we are in desperate need of people who are willing to help this event continue for Newport. We could use help with a secretary, carnival chair, parade co-chair, pins, veterans, fund raising, and senior court assistance. If you would like to help save this wonderful community event we need people to join in the effort. Maybe Newport is done celebrating Loyalty Day and wants to put their effort somewhere else ? I would hope that we could have a member from the city, chamber of commerce, other clubs and organizations that serve in Newport join our team to help keep this event going in Newport. If you have interest in having a 62nd parade and Loyalty Day event please contact Melinda Dye chair of the committee at melinda_dye@hotmail.com or 541-961-1042

  13. Michelle Schaffer | March 7, 2017 at 8:45 pm | Reply

    Kiera, I want to make sure you are receiving the Siletz Community Newsletter I publish about once a month (or when I have new information) for happenings in our area. I email it to a variety of news sources but I don’t see you on my list. Can I get am email address to sent it to?

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