New Lincoln County Bike Map Brochure

Lincoln County’s Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee has developed a new brochure detailing six scenic bikeway maps. Committee members Dave Pickering, Brian Flynn and Richard Keagle worked with Pioneer Printing to develop a brochure that illustrates routes with forested back roads and rides along majestic ocean cliffs.

Using the committee member’s knowledge of the possible routes, six rides were chosen. Committee member Brian Flynn rode all the routes, including the 69 mile “Big Loop” that travels from Newport to Siletz to Lincoln City and back to Newport on Hwy 101. The brochure’s maps rank each ride for its level of difficulty, length, and include elevation change visuals.

The brochure includes maps for:

  • Cascade Head Loop – 22 miles
  • Big Loop – 69 Miles
  • Beaver Creek Loop – 15 miles
  • Drift Creek Falls Loop – 37 miles
  • Rose Lodge Loop – 16 miles
  • Yachats River Ride – 15 miles

“We have included rides for every level of bicyclist, from short 15 mile rides with little elevation gain the 37 mile Drift Creek Falls Loop, which includes an accent of 1500’” said committee chair Dave Pickering. “But each route can be done in short segments that a family could enjoy. We hope people will find the information useful and encourage visitors to bring a bike and wander the beautiful scenery Lincoln County has to offer.”

The Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee provides assistance to Lincoln County Public Works, Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, and the State of Oregon in making decisions on the safety, necessity, accessibility and recreational use of bike and pedestrian routes.

 Mobile and high resolution versions of the brochure are available in the Public Works section of County’s Web Site

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