10 Men Arrested In Benton County For Commercial Sexual Solicitation

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office conducted a two day prostitution operation February 7-8, 2018 which led to the arrest of 10 men at a Corvallis hotel, after soliciting a fictitious woman online to pay for sex.

Prostitution is a dangerous criminal enterprise, closely related to narcotics, violence, sexual assault, commercial sexual exploitation of women and children, and in some cases human trafficking. This operation demonstrates how prevalent prostitution is in Benton County and Oregon.

Benton County Sheriff’s Office Detectives assessed the need for the campaign by placing two separate online advertisements at the beginning of the year. Social media and online advertisers were utilized. A large number, estimated to be over 200 hundred men and women, responded indicating a desire to engage in sexual activity for money. Those interested included including registered sex offenders and felons with active warrants.

Detectives created a new online social media advertisement this week. Of the 70 persons who responded to the ad to pay for sex, 10 arrived at a local hotel. The men were taken into custody. Once the men initially agreed to pay a fee to engage in sexual conduct or contact, the Oregon crime of Commercial Sexual Solicitation (ORS 167.008¹) was committed, and the men were arrested for a Class A Misdemeanor.

With limited beds available at the Benton County Jail, the 10 men were booked and released with citations.
Jeffrey Shannon, 50, of Albany
Kevin Beaudoin, 51, of Albany
Hattan Natto, 31, of Corvallis
Rick Sariol, 31, of Albany
John Rislov, 47, of Lincoln City
Ian Hasenfratz, 20, of Corvallis
John De Jong, 70, of Corvallis
Kevin Waite, 52, of Junction City
Brian Bartolero, 34, of Camas, WA
Ahmed, Ahmed, 31, of Corvallis

After the operation ceased at 10:00am today, (2/8) Captain Don Rogers stated, “We have identified there is problem in our community and will continue to assess the need for future operations involving online solicitation for sex.”

Information provided by Benton County Sheriff’s Office

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