Beachcombing Clinics

A hand holding white and butterscotch colored agate rocks found along a rocky coastline.


Kick off the New Year in style by beachcombing in Lincoln City. Starting this winter, Lincoln City offers visitors a chance to hunt for beach collectibles and learn about them from a local expert. Take home a bucket full of agates, shells and other coastal delights at our Beachcombing Clinics. Laura Joki, Lincoln City’s local expert and “Head Dirt Nerd,” returns to lead the Beachcombing Clinics for the 2018 season.

“I am super excited to host the second year of Beachcombing Clinics,” says Joki. “There are so many things to keep your eyes peeled for while exploring our seven miles of beach, such as jasper, zeolite crystals, quartz, petrified wood and others. And, have you ever wondered how these stones got here? I’ll explain how these treasures wound up on our beach at the clinics.”

 Each clinic is complimentary and begins on the beach at the SW 33rd Street beach access in Lincoln City. Before each hunt, Joki gives a talk where she describes the geology of the area and the types of fossils and minerals that are commonly found on the beach. Then, she takes participants on a guided beach tour. Each clinic lasts approximately two hours and participants are encouraged to ask questions.

“I get asked a lot about tips for amateur hunters,” says Joki. “I tell them to keep their eyes peeled, head down and ears open. By scanning the beach in the best light possible, you’ll be able to spot the stones glowing in the sun. However, while the Pacific Ocean is picturesque, it’s easy to get lost in the hunt and stumble into trouble. Always pop up your eyes on occasion to survey the wave and ocean conditions. And, be sure to check the tide tables and weather forecasts before heading out.”

The first Beachcombing Clinic of the season is Friday, January 26th at 9am. Attendees should plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Public parking is located at both SW 32nd and SW 35th Streets and along SW Anchor Avenue. Dressing in layers is encouraged. After a winter storm on the Oregon Coast, the sand erodes to reveal a treasure trove of discoveries. Treasures in the form of petrified wood and shells are commonly found above the surface.

But, “rockhounds” and amateur geologists seek more colorful prizes. Minerals in the form of agates, jasper and quartz are eagerly sought by treasure hunters. These are just a few of the coastal collectibles visitors can uncover and learn about at the Beachcombing Clinics. For more information on the Beachcombing Clinics, visit

Information and photos provided by Lincoln City VCB

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