Siletz Watershed Council Meeting Tonight

The Siletz Watershed Council will be holding our quarterly community meeting on Tuesday, December 19th, at 6:30PM at the Siletz Public library. Light refreshments will be provided.

 Evan Hayduk, Restoration Specialist with the MidCoast Watersheds Council, will be presenting information about two projects ongoing in the Siletz Basin. Evan will share the results of the Sea Level Rise- Landward Migration Zone project and provide an update on the recently started Coho Business Plan process.

 Evan’s presentation will describe analyses done under contract to MidCoast Watersheds Council to assess the extent of inundation in Oregon coastal estuaries under different sea level rise scenarios, with a focus on the Siletz estuary. This includes implications for survival and upslope migration of estuarine marshes.

 The Coho Business Plan is a public-private partnership with a goal of recovering Oregon’s Coast Coho population. The MidCoast Watersheds Council will collaborate with 14 project partners currently working in the Siletz Basin, and coordinating with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA Restoration Center and the Wild Salmon Center. This 18-month planning project will result in a Strategic Action Plan for coordinated efforts to restore healthy coho populations in the Siletz, including Schooner and Drift Creeks.

 We will also discuss early planning for the April Siletz River Clean up, cover council business, community announcements and provide time for anyone else who would like to ask questions or provide comments.

Information and photo provided by MCWC