Extra DUII Patrol During Holiday Driving Times

The Lincoln City Police Department is pleased to announce they have recently been awarded a traffic safety grant for DUII Enforcement. The $3080.00 DUII Enforcement Grant funds will be utilized to put extra patrol officers on patrol during dates and times when higher numbers of impaired drivers are likely to be on the roadways.

The Lincoln City Police Department plans on using the first of these grant funds during the Christmas / New Year’s holiday season. This time period is part of the national “High Visibility Enforcement” event time period which runs from December 15, 2017 through January 1, 2018. The national High Visibility Enforcement events are designed to increase the number of patrol officers on the streets nationwide with an emphasis on seeking out drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs and removing them from the roadways. DUIIs continue to be a leading cause of motor vehicle crash deaths and injuries throughout the nation. The Lincoln City Police Department is pleased to be joining forces with other law enforcement agencies to crack down on impaired drivers. Our goal is simple: to save lives. Drunk driving is simply not worth the risk; if you drive drunk, you will be arrested.

DUII Enforcement Grant funds from the previous grant allocation were last used during the 2017 Labor Day weekend time period. The results of two enforcement operations include one driver being arrested for DUII, one Felony warrant arrest, one Misdemeanor warrant arrest, as well as five other traffic citations being issued. The members of your Lincoln City Police Department are committed to the safety of our citizens and visitors and these grant funds are a valuable resource that assist us in improving the traffic safety in our community. These grant funds were made possible through Oregon Impact and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Information provided by LCPD