Reward Program Aims To Reduce Alcohol Sales To Minors

Bottle Return

Stores across South and Central Lincoln County are now periodically receiving visits from 21-24 year olds pretending to purchase alcohol without identification. Clerks who refuse to sell receive a Dutch Bros gift certificate and congratulations. Those who offer to sell are reminded of state law. Dr.

Anthony Biglan, a Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute, has been integral in the development of the initiative.

“Our research has repeatedly shown that we can reduce youth access to alcohol and
tobacco products through our Reward and Reminder program. Reducing youth access
has proven benefit in preventing the problems that result from youth use of these

The Youth Access project is funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and conducts interventions in rural communities throughout Oregon. An integral part of the project, the Reward and Reminder program has been shown to reduce willingness to sell alcohol to those without identification by more than 30%. The Youth Access project has been met with approval from law enforcement from Lincoln County Sherriff Department and Newport Police Department.

“Our goal is the safety of the community and youth,” said Lincoln County Sherriff
Curtis Landers. “Our appreciation to the Oregon Research Institute for conducting the
reward and reminder program in our area.”

If you would like more information about the Reward and Reminder program, please contact Kathy Forrester at 541-484-2123 or email at