Students Complete Tiny Home In Waldport

Students who took a construction class under Career and Technical Education offered at Waldport high school designed and then built each element of a Tiny Home.  Now the first finished Tiny Home is in the parking lot ready to be put up for sale. The Tiny Home is the product from one of the branches of study in the Career Pathways Program at the Waldport High School called Manufacturing and Fabrication. The money raised will go directly back to the school to use to create the next Tiny Home. Ultimately, the Tiny Home projects should be self-sustaining.

According to teacher, Melissa Steinman, “students themselves came up with the concept, created the designs with an architect, and selected which would be the best design for what they feel a local client would find to be the most livable. Students were involved in every single detail down to what stain color they preferred.”  One of the students involved, Korben Finley, explained that the next Tiny Home will be, “transitional housing for anyone who is at risk of becoming homeless in our community.” He is excited to be a part of the whole process this next year.

The Tiny Homes construction takes place under the guidance of CTE-certified instructors, Greg Wood and Melissa Steinman who have created many partnerships with local businesses and use a collaborative style with the students. Greg Wood states, “The kids have been a big part in making decisions for the tiny house we are going to be building and we are here to support that process. In the end, they are the ones who will come away with skills that may lead to increased employment opportunities in high wage high demand jobs here at the coast (or beyond).”

Information and photos provided by LCSD