Yaquina View School Sheltered In Place During Gas Leak Investigation

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This morning on December 7th, during arrival (at 8:10 a.m.), Yaquina View Elementary received a call from the Newport Police Department recommending them to go into a Shelter-in-Place. The police said there was a possible gas leak that they were investigating. The school immediately began implementing our Shelter-in-Place procedures, which include taping up windows and exterior doors with plastic sheeting, sealing gaps with wet towels, and turning off all HVAC systems while all staff and students remain inside the classrooms.

During that process, the Newport Fire Chief arrived and informed the school officials that there was a gas leak west of the school and that they did not need to Shelter-in-Place. Instead, officials needed to keep everyone inside the building in a Code Yellow Lockdown until there was a full clearance.  Yaquina View easily transitioned the school into a Code Yellow Lockdown status, allowing movement within the school, yet keeping everyone inside and continuing instructional activities.

At 9:12 AM, the Newport Fire Chief informed the school that the gas line was shut off and the school is “all clear to continue school as normal, including outside activities.” Yaquina View quickly implemented our school safety protocols, taking leadership and direction from Law Enforcement, and then Fire Officials. Yaquina View just did a Shelter-in-Place drill Tuesday of this week.  They were prepared!

For community members who would like to see how our Shelter-in-Place and Code Yellow Lockdown procedures are implemented in our schools, visit the safety page of our website and look in the “Training and Drills” section. http://lincoln.k12.or.us/dept_programs/safety.php

Information provided by LCSD