Be Watchful Of Scams

Ransomware, Telephone Scam

Law enforcement have been fielding several reports from the public who have been receiving scam phone calls claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office or District Attorney’s office and demanding money, claiming they owe a fine or for reportedly missing jury duty.┬áThe scammer tells the victim that they have missed Jury Duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest unless the pay over the phone with a pre-purchased credit or green dot card. Often times the caller is able to provide private information about the person answering the call, such as their date of birth and address.

This may cause some people, particularly the elderly who might not know such information is readily accessible on the internet, to believe the call is credible. Representatives do not contact you by phone to get money from you. Another popular scam this time of year is known as the grandparent scam. The caller pretends to be or to know a relative and claims they have been arrested and need bail money. This is also the time of year when IRS scammers are active. Some local citizens have reported getting a phone call from someone representing the IRS claiming that they owe money and need to pay it right away.

The public is asked to educate friends, family, and neighbors, particularly elderly community members, about such phone scams. If a phone call seems suspicious, the public is encouraged to hang up and call the agency back on a known phone number to verify its authenticity. If you don’t recognize the number on your phone, don’t answer let it go to voicemail and then decide if it is a legitimate call, and call the agency by their direct number not one left on your voicemail. For more tips or to report a scam go online to the oregon department of justice scam alert network webpage.