Newport Fishermen’s Wives Holiday Outreach

By Kiera Morgan

With the delay in the commercial crab season again this year, the Newport Fisherman’s wives are working to make the holiday’s a little easier for fishermen and their families. The Holiday Outreach program was started a few years ago when there was the first crab season delay.  Families were struggling to buy present for their kids for the holidays and struggling to put food on the table. The holiday outreach was a huge success and because the season starts late more than it starts on time the fishermen’s wives decided to make the program an annual event for the fishing community.

Even if the season isn’t delayed most of the crabbers haven’t had a paycheck for at least a month and there is a gap between seasons and it is spent preparing the crab gear and boat for the crab season. If the season starts on time, on December 1st, most boats still wont get paid for deliveries from the plants for a couple weeks after they deliver. Everything about fishing is very uncertain and its hard for families to get assistance from other agencies because by the time they figure out they need assistance they aren’t able to apply in time for deadlines.

Help is given anonymously with only 2 intake volunteers who know the names of the families, once they are accepted into the program they are given a number and that number is their identification from then on. Families are given a hearty food box, packed based on the family size. They also provide families with children at least one unwrapped present and warm a clothing item for each child.   This program is supported by local donations. This year the Fishermen’s Wives holiday outreach was chosen to be one of the recipients of toys from KPTV toy drive. They we will also be putting out baskets at local businesses on Monday and are looking for businesses that would like to help collect new toys, new warm clothing items and nonperishable food items.

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