Land Sea Symposium Set For Thursday

The 5th Annual Cape Perpetua Land-Sea Symposium, will be held tomorrow in Yachats at the Commons. The Cape Perpetua Land-Sea Symposium is a community event aimed at promoting local stewardship efforts and raising awareness about current research being conducted within the Cape Perpetua nearshore and adjacent watersheds.

This year’s event will feature William Pearcy, of Oregon State University as the keynote speaker. He will be sharing his research and significance of Heceta Bank, which is the largest and farthest offshore underwater bank along the west coast of North American. It is a unique and highly productive region because of its topography and ocean circulation patterns. During the summer months, upwelling of nutrient-rich water is intense resulting in high primary and secondary productivity with concentrations of small zooplankton that supply a productive food chain base for top predators including fish, marine mammals and seabirds.

Rockfishes are especially abundant and diverse on the bank, and different species are associated with specific types of bottom sediments. The bank also supports important groupings of mackerel, whiting and salmon. Heceta Bank is a “hot spot” for seabirds and whales. Many submersible and ROV dives have been conducted on and around the bank that will illustrate the diversity and profusion of marine life. At the symposium, attendees will get a sneak peek of this footage highlighting the incredible diversity and abundance of marine life on Heceta Bank. To RSVP for tomorrow’s program go online to