County Announces Settlement In Jail Death

Lincoln County has reached a $2.85-million, wrongful-death settlement with the family of Bradley Thomas.  Mr. Thomas died of dehydration while in custody at the Lincoln County Jail in 2015.  Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office sent their sincere condolences to Mr. Thomas’ family.  The County took immediate steps following Mr. Thomas’ death to provide staff with additional training.  Lincoln County has embraced the Stepping Up Initiative, a national program, which works to reduce the number of individuals with mental illness in local jails.  Sadly, Mr. Thomas suffered from a diagnosed mental illness and had just been committed to the Oregon State Hospital one day prior to his death; he remained in custody awaiting a bed at the medical facility. The County is taking the tragic death of Mr. Thomas very seriously and will continue to enhance training for all staff in an effort to greatly reduce the risk of this occurring again.