Siletz River Closed At Milepost 16.5


On 11/03/2017, The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of the Lincoln County Road Department, successfully cleared the large spruce tree blocking the Siletz River at river mile 16.5. The river is now safe to navigate between Jack Morgan Park and Strome Park. Work will continue for a short period on 11/04/2017 to clear debris downstream from the site. Boaters in the area of river mile 16.5 are advised to use caution for any residual debris such as submerged branches.
On 11/01/2017, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Marine Deputies responded to a reported tree blocking the Siletz River between Jack Morgan Park and Strome Park. Deputies located the obstruction at approximately river mile 16.5, a half mile above Strome Park. Deputies determined the tree is blocking the entire river making navigation impossible. Steep banks prevent portage around the obstruction. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Oregon State Marine Board to mitigate the hazard. Until hazard mitigation is complete, the Siletz River is closed at river mile 16.5. Signs have been posted at Jack Morgan and Strome Parks to advise boaters. An updated release will follow when the river is back open.