Put A Whale On Your Tail

The OSU Marine Mammal Institute is inviting you to put a whale on your tail. A new “Coastal Playground” license plate featuring a gray whale and her calf likely is now available to Oregon drivers. The new specialty plate will cost an additional $40 for two years. The project is sponsored by the Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute and State Representative David Gomberg. Bruce Mate, director of the institute said everybody he has shown the plate design to has loved it.

The Marine Mammal institute will receive $35 from the DMV for each plate sold. The money will go toward whale research, graduate student education and public outreach. The license plate depicts the cow-calf pair on a two-tone blue background that emulates sea and sky. In the upper left corner is a lighthouse, and across the bottom reads “Coastal Playground.” Representative Gomberg said “I think the plate has much broader appeal.” Whale watching is an iconic part of the coastal experience for all Oregonians and a remarkable success story.

Renowned wildlife illustrator Pieter Folkens created the lifelike whale images for the Marine Mammal Institute, which is part of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Once they have sold 3,000 vouchers the funds will be transferred to DMV and plate manufacturing will begin. It should take about 12-weeks. Purchasers will be notified when the voucher is redeemable for the license plates. Those interested can purchase a $40 voucher from the Marine Mammal Institute online https://mmi.oregonstate.edu/whale-license-plate.