Recycling Crises Affects Local Non-Profit

The Optimist Club of Newport and Yaquina Bay announced today that, due to market disruption for recycled newsprint, they have shut down newspaper collection at their drop box located at NE 7th and Harney Streets in Newport. “NORPAC, the buyer for our clean loose newspaper, contacted us today letting us know that they can’t take any more loose newspaper at this time.  NORPAC spokesperson Amy Bortoroff said that they are scrambling to find a solution for this issue that is affecting the entire Pacific Northwest recycling industry.

China has stopped accepting most co-mingled recycling that comes from the U.S. and we don’t know when there will be a solution for where our recycling goes.  In the meantime,” says local Optimist member Rebecca Cohen Rozewski, “We have closed our drop box and can’t accept any newspapers.  This directly affects the funds that we use to support youth in our community so I’m optimistically hoping for a quick solution.  When I hear that we can start shipping newsprint again, I will send out another press release.”

In the meantime, Cohen-Rozewski expressed her appreciation for the community support that the Optimists’ have enjoyed for the 45 years that this project has been in place.  She also hopes people can hang on to their newspapers for a month or so in hopes that markets open up and the Optimist Club is back in business.