Siuslaw National Forest Accepting Firewood Permits

Firewood permits will be available for purchase at Siuslaw National Forest offices beginning the week of Oct. 2. Permits are required regardless if the firewood is for personal use or to be sold commercially. Firewood cutting season typically runs from the beginning of October through the end of February, although cutting and removing firewood outside that timeframe may be authorized on a case-by-case basis. Anyone interested in purchasing a permit is encouraged to contact their nearest national forest office for details.

Hebo Ranger District: Permits for personal use go on sale beginning Oct. 5. The cost is $10/cord with a two cord minimum purchase and six cord maximum per calendar year. This year, the district is offering both “fall your own” standing trees as well as previously felled and decked logs for personal use permits. The decked logs are located north of Hwy. 22 and “fall your own” areas have been designated throughout the district. Commercial permits go on sale beginning Oct. 6. The cost is $20/cord with a four cord minimum purchase and 30 days to harvest the wood. Areas are designated for either commercial or personal use; firewood collection is only permitted in those areas.   Additional “fall your own” areas may become available for purchase later this fall or winter. Interested buyers are encouraged to contact the ranger district for more information.

Central Coast Ranger District: Personal use permits will be on sale beginning Oct. 2 at both the Waldport and Reedsport district offices, as well as the supervisor’s office in Corvallis. There will be a reduced supply of personal use permits due to a current shortage of harvestable wood.  Those interested in purchasing a commercial permit must first contact the district office (541-563-8400) to learn how to submit an advance permit request in writing. Individuals may purchase a commercial permit for up to a maximum of 15 cords. The cost for commercial permits is $20/cord with a six cord minimum and 15 cord maximum, with 30 days to harvest the wood.

Across the forest, firewood harvesting must occur in designated cutting areas only. Maps are available for review at district offices prior to purchasing a permit and will also be issued at the time of permit sales.

When collecting firewood, harvesters are reminded to:

  • Adhere to provisions listed on their permit
  • Clean up cutting area, scattering or removing debris from wood cutting
  • Keep firewood lengths to 6 feet or less when transporting
  • Accurately record quantities cut on their removal cards and firmly attach load tags to the transported wood

If collecting only limbs, chunks of wood, or bark for personal use only, firewood gatherers should request a free-use permit. No power equipment can be used when gathering free-use firewood. Free-use permittees cannot gather their firewood within cutting areas designated for paid permittees.  Failure to comply with provisions on any firewood permit may result in fines up to $5,000, forfeiture of the permit, or both.

For more information or to obtain a permit, contact a Siuslaw National Forest office in Corvallis (541-750-7000), Hebo (503-392-5100), Reedsport (541-271-6000), or Waldport (541-563-8400). More information is available online at

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