School Board Approves Purchase Of North County Property

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Monday in a Board Special Session, the Lincoln County School District Board unanimously approved the purchase of a 55 acre parcel to be used for future school use. The seller, GDT Investment (George Teeny) accepted the counter offer of $850,000 cash on closing. The closing is to occur on or before 2/1/18 contingent upon: Board Approval (done), Conditional Use permit from Lincoln County to use the property for school purposes, City of Lincoln City approval for water, City of Lincoln City approval for use of West Devil’s Lake Road for buses and Acceptable Geological inspection to be paid by Lincoln County School District.

Board Chair, Ron Beck, states that “The Lincoln County School District is wise to have the foresight to purchase this property and hold it for school use in Lincoln City which is showing continued growth of population. The location is prime near a planned development and will allow us the space to consolidate our buses as well as plan future school development.”

The land is Tax Lot 300, Map #06-11-3500

Information provided by LCSD