Newport Starts Discussion Of New VRD Rules

By Kiera Morgan:

The Newport City Council held a public hearing to discuss the current status of vacation rentals in the city, and to consider whether or not changes should be considered to these regulations. Also discussed was whether the city should enact a temporary moratorium on vacation rentals while looking at these regulations.  The current regulations date back to 2012. While the concentration of vacation rentals in Newport is significantly less than in other cities in Lincoln County, there are concerns these trends need to be evaluated to determine whether additional regulation is necessary to avoid uncontrolled growth in vacation rentals in the City of Newport.

The greatest concentration of vacation rentals is in the Nye Beach area. Bob Berman a member of the planning commission spoke to the council as a citizen and expressed his concerns with the current VRD regulations. “The vacation Rental ordinance as written, is pretty much on the honor system. Anybody who is intentionally trying to get around those rules, regulations and requirements or purposely trying to violate them can. So a lot of the provisions are unenforceable.”

There were a number of citizens who complained about the lack of enforcement of VRD rules. Based on our most recent numbers, the City of Newport has 164 licensed vacation rental dwelling units. A recent review of various websites advertising rentals, found less than 15 properties are being operated without proper approvals. The council approved a motion to have the planning commission review the current VRD rules and consider information given at the public hearing.