Lincoln County Sheriff Looking For Advisory Group

Sheriff Curtis Landers announces immediate openings for a new volunteer Sheriff’s Office Community Advisory Group. The goal of the group is to provide us with community insight relating to public safety priorities, developing crime prevention strategies and identifying community outreach program opportunities. It is another step for increasing our strong partnerships with the community and continued transparency of our operations.

Sheriff Landers would like to have approximately twelve citizens on the group from various areas around the County. “I am hoping for a very diverse representation of our County demographics who are not afraid to speak up and provide input.” said Sheriff Landers. Once the group is selected, the Sheriff’s Office will present a citizen academy to acclimate the participants on the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Landers stated, “It is important for the group to know and understand how and why we do things in order to provide productive feedback.”

The academy will start in November and take about twelve weeks to complete. The academy will require two to four hours of participation each week until completed. Following the academy, Sheriff Landers anticipates the group will meet at least quarterly or however frequent the group determines they should meet.

Interested citizens can complete our online volunteer application through the Sheriff’s Office website at Click on “volunteer programs” and then “volunteer application”. If you need the direct link for the application or have any questions regarding the group, please email us at or contact us at 541-265-4277. We will accept applications until Friday, October 6, 2017, at 5:00 pm.

Information provided by LCSO