Port of Newport Loses The Federal TIGAR Grant

On Monday August 28, 2107, The Port of Newport personnel met with representatives of MARAD (Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation) who came from Washington D.C. to discuss the status of the $2M Tiger Grant for construction at the International Terminal Shipping Facility. This grant was part of the 2015 appropriations act. Due to the timing of the award, MARAD was not able to give the Port an extension to the agreed upon dates for specific actions which the Port needed to accomplish. In particular, the Port needed to have committed funds and have a financially viable plan to allow the grant to continue.

These have not been accomplished. While this grant will be withdrawn, the MARAD personnel made it clear that a new request for grant funds would be welcomed. They noted that rural area requests are important to MARAD. Funding for piers, moorings and other efforts to expand the port economy would be justification for grants. The Port will be evaluating options for the International Terminal that will support current and future economic growth. These efforts should allow the Port to pursue additional grants in the future.

Information provided by the Port of Newport