Jason Malloy Named Newport Police Chief

By Kiera Morgan:

The Newport City council at their regular meeting Tuesday night officially appointed Jason Malloy as the new Police Chief for the city of Newport. City manager Spencer Nebel stated that Jason prepared himself for this appointment by attending various trainings, including the FBI academy and completing his completing his undergraduate degree. Nebel added that Jason had the opportunity to prove himself on the job by serving as interim chief. Earlier this year a panel of law enforcement personnel, staff members and citizens had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Jason about this position and make a recommendation as to his qualifications for him to be police chief, which was recommended.

“As city manager I am certainly looking forward to the continued advancement of this department under Jason’s leadership” said Nebel. He added that he also appreciated retired chief Mark Miranda’s plan for succession so that the next chief could come from this department.

Retired police chief Mark Miranda was on hand Tuesday night for the appointment. He said that he has known Jason since he started with Newport police department and has watched him in lead roles noticing that Jason was someone who could move forward in his career. Miranda stated that he gave Jason a lot of opportunities over the years, giving the opportunity to earn his undergraduate degree and go through the FBI academy. Jason has continued on with the Newport police volunteer program, which Miranda praised. Miranda said “I feel confident in passing the torch to someone who is dedicated, qualified and willing to move forward with the department goal of keeping the city of Newport safe.”