County Unemployment Rate Remains Low

Seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment rose by 260 in July to 18,540 jobs. Seasonally
adjusted figures compare expected changes with actual changes. A gain of 360 jobs was expected for
the month, but the county added 620 jobs. The private sector employment increased by 590 jobs, and
government employment rose by 30. Leisure and hospitality added 320 jobs, food manufacturing
added190, and professional and business services grew by 40. Unusually, local government education
added 30 jobs. Other industries had smaller changes.

Local government education typically cuts a couple hundred jobs over the summer break. Last summer
only a few jobs were cut in July, and this summer a small gain was reported. The inclusion of the
Hatfield Marine Science Center in the local government education industry, and changes in summer
employment reporting may be changing the typical employment pattern for this industry. A full
accounting of summer employment may not be known until the data are revised at the end of the year.
July’s total nonfarm employment was 530 more than one year before, a growth rate of 2.8 percent.

The private sector added 320 jobs, and government employment rose by 210. Industries adding the most
jobs over the year were food manufacturing (+130), construction (+120), and leisure and hospitality
(+80). Local government, excluding education and tribal, added 110 jobs over the year.
Lincoln County’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.5 percent in July, essentially the same
as the previous month (4.2%), but lower than the year before (5.7%). It was higher than the statewide
rate (3.8%) but about the same as the national rate (4.3%).

Information provided by Oregon Employment Department