County Weekend Eclipse Update #2

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The downloadable video at this link shows high tide today at 12:30pm.
Video – Traffic is picking up. At this time it appears to look like normal summer traffic. TIDES/BEACH SAFETY
We expect a very high tide Sunday night (Monday morning). If you plan to visit the beach know when to expect the incoming and outgoing tides; remember, our rivers in the tidal area may also be affected by the tidal changes. NOAA Tide Tables for Newport, Oregon: 08/20/17 Sun 5:55 PM 1.92 L 08/21/17 Mon 12:05 AM 9.09 H Tidal Information: Please see our attached Eclipse Guide for Beach Safety tips.
We are continuing to promote eye safety for tomorrow’s Eclipse.

Make sure your glasses are ISO certified.

Eclipse glasses are available throughout Lincoln County. No shortages reported.

Check out this video online with your family. National Geographic Solar Eclipse 101 –

Information provided by Casey Miller