Recreational Halibut Update

Matt Blume with 106# halibut.

Recreational Halibut Update: Aug 18-19 open for Central Coast all-depth:

Recreational Halibut Update through August 6

Central Coast all-depth open Aug 18-19


Columbia River Subarea

All-Depth and Nearshore closed for the remainder of 2017


Central Oregon Coast Subarea summer all-depth:  Last week there were 34,426 pounds landed, this leaves 31,855 pounds (48.1%) of the allocation remaining.  The summer all-depth fishery will be open Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19.

During the August 4-5 opening, the ocean conditions were very favorable, allowing many anglers to get out and target halibut.  Overall success rate was approximately 60% (6 fish for every 10 anglers).  Depoe Bay had the highest success rate with ~70%, while Garibaldi and Pacific City had the lowest with 20-30%.  The overall average weight of landed fish was 29 pounds round weight.  Fish landed into Pacific City were larger with approximately 37 pound average weight.  Newport , Florence, and Winchester Bay were the next highest with average weights of approximately 32-34 pounds.

Note:  the Aug 17-19 all-depth opening is just a couple of days before the Aug 21 eclipse.  Lincoln County  (Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, and Newport) is in the path of totality, and is expecting anywhere from 100,000 to over 300,000 visitors to the county that weekend.  The average summer weekend sees approximately 50,000 visitors to the county.  Therefore, if planning on fishing out of Newport or Depoe Bay plan ahead and pack your patience as traffic is expected to be very heavy and hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc are anticipated to be in high demand.


Central Oregon Coast Subarea nearshore:  the nearshore fishery closed at 11:59 pm on Sunday, July 30, due to projected attainment of the allocation.


Southern Oregon Subarea:  There were 452 pounds reported landed last week.  This brings the total landings to 1,433 pounds, leaving 8,606 pounds (86%) of the allocation remaining.  This fishery generally picks up in August.


Information provided by ODFW