Lincoln City Council Discusses Roads End Re-Zoneing

Parks Plan, Rodeway Inn

By Kiera Morgan:

The Lincoln City city council held a public hearing Monday night regarding Roads End Neighborhood Re-Zoning. The city annexed the Roads End area in 2013. When annexed the City of Lincoln City agreed not to initiate re-zoning of the Roads End area for at least 5 years. The Roads End Improvement Association requested the city to initiate a rezoning and proposed draft language for a new zone called the Single-family residential, Roads End (R-1-RE) zone. There were many at the public hearing. Most of the public comment on the re-zoning centered on possible caps on VRD’s.

To the extent the R-1-RE allows vacation rental dwellings and bed and breakfast accommodations, the rezoning will support this goal. A reduction in the number of VRDs in Roads End would result in a reduction in the amount of transient room tax collected, which could adversely affect the city’s budget. The standard complaints about VRD’s were brought up, including noise, garbage, parking and lack of enforcement of rules. The council voted to close the hearing and the record and continue deliberations on the matter until their next meeting on August 28th.