OPRD Recommends NO Camping On The Beach

By Kiera Morgan:

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is reminding those planning on coming over early for the eclipse that don’t already have a place to stay that the beach is not an option. According to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s Public Affairs representative Chris Havel they don’t recommend anyone plan to spend the night on the beach around the eclipse. The August 21st new moon will bring very high and very low tides. Visitors should not camp on the beach because the high tide of more than 9-feet will cover most of the normally dry sand. Havel said it is very unsafe to camp on the beach during the eclipse weekend. He said the best scenario is that you and your sleeping bag will get wet, the other possible scenarios he said are far worse.

In a state park, you can normally only camp in a designated campground however all state park campgrounds along the coast are full. State parks have been preparing to temporarily open more state park areas to camping just for the eclipse. Havel said they will be bringing extra staff in from parks outside the path to keep people on the right side of fences, patrol parking areas, and keep areas clean. He added that state park will have patrols on the beach, too, but every visitor should watch for the safety of their own family and friends. There will be regular advisories about sneaker waves, rip currents, beach logs, cliffs, and tides in the build up to the event. Havel said for people to enjoy the eclipse they need three things, patience, foresight and glasses.