No Decision Made On Port Pro-Tem Manager

By Kiera Morgan:

The port of Newport commissioners spent over three hours in executive session interviewing the two candidates, John Todd and Greg Speer, that they selected to interview during their Monday executive session. Background checks were completed and after the executive session yesterday there was still not a selection of a general manager pro-tem.

During regular session Commissioner Sarah Skamser made a motion to give the job to John Todd, there was no second. Commissioner Walter Chuck made a motion to continue status quo with Aaron Bretz as acting manager while the commission took some extra time to review the applicants and then make a decision at the August 22nd regular meeting.

This was seconded by Commissioner Lamerdon however it did not pass 2 to 3. Next commissioner Lamerdon made a motion to hire Greg Speer, Commissioner Chuck seconded the motion but it too failed 2 to 3. Then Commissioner Jeff Lackey made a motion very similar to commissioner Chuck’s that they continue with the status quo and re-evaluate their options, which may include to vote on the two that were interviewed. This passed unanimously. So the commission will be further considering the port manager pro-tem position at their regular meeting on August 22nd.