Imagine Lincoln City

Lincoln City, TripAdvisor

By Kiera Morgan:

The city of Lincoln City has kicked off their visioning process calling it “Imagine Lincoln City.” According to city planner Richard Townsend the city is working with Sarah Singer from JRO and Company, the consultant to the city on the project. She recently gave a presentation about what they are doing to engage the community to the Lincoln City city council. She explained that one of the goals is that it will serve as part of the comprehensive plan update. They are working to develop a vision that shows the communities distinct character.

She said they started working with staff in May to build some of the outreach tools. She said they are putting together a plan to engage full time residents, part time residents and visitors. She said they have already been to the farmers market to talk with residents and visitors. They spoke with about sixty people. Most of the feedback Singer said was about traffic. “Everyone wants to change the heavy amount of traffic in Lincoln City, that’s a given.”

Other feedback included not to add any box stores to the city to keep the small town feel. It was also pointed out that Lincoln City has wonderful trails and great hiking opportunities and good access to health care. Singer told the council they are available to meet with various community groups and will be attending local events such as the sandcastle contest and chowder fest to get more feedback from the public. Those who would like to learn more or provide feedback can go online to