Coyotes Spotted In Newport

The City of Newport is advising residents that it received a report of coyotes in the area of NW 60th Street and Agate Beach Park. Earlier today, a neighborhood resident reported that she observed a coyote attack a cat. The city urges residents to keep pets inside their homes.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to trap and relocate any coyotes found in this area. The ODF&W website contains the following information, with valuable tips, regarding coyotes:

“Most of the time, coyotes are considered to be more of a nuisance than actually a threat. Prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to avoiding, minimizing or correcting problems with coyotes. By far the greatest number of conflicts between humans and coyotes are those in which the animal has become habituated to a residential area by the behavior of human beings. Fortunately, most of these situations are easily prevented or corrected by removing food sources and access to shelter. The tips include:

Do not leave small children unattended outdoors if coyotes have been frequenting the area;

Feed pets indoors and do not leave pet food or water bowls outside;

Supervise pets when they are outside; if possible, keep them leashed;

Do not leave cats or small dogs out after dark;

Secure garbage and garbage cans in an area inaccessible to wild animals (use bleach as necessary to remove odors that could attract coyotes);

Harvest fruits and vegetables as they become ripe and do not allow them to accumulate and create an attraction for coyotes;

Never leave food or water out for feral animals or wildlife;

Bring livestock and fowl into barns, sheds or coyote-proof enclosures at night;

Trim and clear vegetation that provides cover for coyotes or their prey;

Remove birdfeeders. Coyotes are attracted to them and the birds and rodents that use the feeder;

Secure compost piles;

Clean barbecues regularly; and

Build a coyote-proof perimeter fence.”

If you observe a coyote in your neighborhood, contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at 541.867.4741 or 541.867.0300, for additional information.

General wildlife information is available on the ODF&W website at

Information provided by city of Newport, photo provided by ODFW