Port Of Newport Looking For Pro-Tem Manager

By Kiera Morgan:

During a special Port of Newport meeting yesterday commissioners met to discuss the process of selection of a possible pro-tem manager for the port. The acting manager is Aaron Bretz. In a press release the port announced that they have accepted the resignation of its General Manager Kevin Greenwood and have decided they would like to hire a pro-tem manager. ( The port’s press release is listed below)

There is a public notice with position qualifications posted on the Port’s website. It was also recommended during public input that the person also be good at contract negotiations, critical thinking and problem solving. Interested applicants are asked to send letters of interest, resume, and three professional references. The Administrative Assistant should receive materials no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 4. Email responses with pdf attachments are preferred.

The Port Commissioners will meet to discuss the applicants in executive session on August 7th and will then meet and discuss the applicants in another executive session on August the 9th. Additional information may be found at http://www.portofnewport.com/.

Press Release Regarding Kevin Greenwood from the Port Commission:

“The Port of Newport has accepted the resignation of its General Manager Kevin Greenwood. The Port of
Newport is appreciative of Kevin Greenwood’s efforts in guiding the Port at a time when it is facing
challenging issues. His tenure at the Port is notable for the many relationships, local and otherwise, he
has fostered. The recent election of two new Port Commissioners signified a change in direction for the
Port and as such the commission felt a change in Port leadership was also necessary.”