County And Cities Are Readying For Eclipse Crowds And More

Lincoln City

By Kiera Morgan:

The Depoe Bay City council recently received a report from Lincoln County Emergency Manager Jenny Demaris. She reported that the local public information officers in the county have been coordinating with the state to ensure public safety during the upcoming eclipse. She added that they have put together contingency plans to deal with the increase in traffic and what that could mean for other possible emergencies. She said they have practiced drills of what to do in the event of a wildfire erupting during the eclipse time.

During July she said they worked on a hazardous materials spill drill.  She added they are continuing with drills through the month of August. “We will be doing a distant tsunami drill from a tsunami that might be generated from Palmer Alaska, during the eclipse weekend. So we can work through what those challenges will be. Demaris said they have challenged their systems to make sure they are ready no matter what happens.

She said what they don’t want is the local community to be fearful of going out during the days leading up to and after the eclipse. She said residents shouldn’t fear supplies flying off the shelves. She said most visitors will likely be eating out at the local restaurants or buying a few things for camping but will likely bring a lot of supplies with them. She said the traffic situation may evolve from those coming for the day and then trying to leave right after. She said the best thing for locals to do is be ready, be patient, be safe and enjoy the experience. For more information on eclipse safety go online to the Lincoln County website.