Hwy 20 Updates

U.S. 20 Corvallis-Newport Highway Update:

A lot of work has been done this summer. The first of the two paving projects is done and the second will start paving Sunday night, July 30.

Eclipse planning: There will be no planned lane closures between August 18 and 21 because of the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21.  Keep an eye on the forecast, as that will give us an idea of how much traffic to expect and in which direction people will be heading. The ODOT eclipse site has preparedness tips.  Lincoln County has a great planning guide and information.

West End Curve

  • Paving is scheduled to begin the week of August 7. Final paving and moving traffic on to the new road will occur sometime in September.
  • Work is being done 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday, 12 hours per day, during the day. This could change if there are weather or other delays.
  • Blasting is complete.
  • Expect occasional flagging and minor delays, but most work is being done off of the current roadway.
  • Work is scheduled to be completed by September 22, 2017 (except for seeding, planting, and punch list).

The west end curve is the last half mile of roadway to be built for the U.S. 20 Pioneer Mountain – Eddyville Project and is scheduled to be completed in September. The curve in the existing roadway is being straightened by moving the roadway away from the river.

The main portion of the project, a 5 mile new alignment, opened on October 11, 2016. This new roadway replaces a ten mile segment of the original 1917-built U.S. 20 that has narrow lanes and sharp curves. The original roadway is now called Crystal Creek Loop and can be accessed at Eddyville and near the west end curve.

Clem Rd. – Pioneer Mountain – Eddyville Paving Project (milepost 31.48 – 33.35)

  • This project is complete.

Clem Rd. – Philomath Paving Project
(milepost 33.35 – 49.87)

  • Work is taking place Sunday through Thursday nights from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Grinding and paving work is scheduled to begin July 30. Paving will continue until sometime in September. The roadway will then be striped.
  • Bridge membrane work and approach reconstruction on multiple bridges throughout the summer. One lane closed 24-hours a day for this work. Automated Flagging Device being used for these lane closures with very short delays.

Information and photo provided by ODOT