Depoe Bay Tests Emergency Alert System

By Kiera Morgan

Last week the city of Depoe Bay tested their emergency alert sirens. City Superintendent Brady Widener reported that he worked with city volunteers who were stationed around the city with hand held radios. When the tests were run the volunteers reported how the tests went and if the messages could be understood. There are five emergency alerts stations throughout the city.

Local citizens were warned ahead of time that this would be happening and flyers were distributed to local businesses. There was some concern as the last time this test took place there were many citizens who called and didn’t understand that it was a test. This year was different and the citizens who called in were reporting on how well the message was received, and thanking the city for running the tests.

Widener said the system was installed just over three years ago and has some unique features. There are 7 alert messages that are in the system. These include a tsunami warning, and alert, a weather warning, and watch and a fire warning and alert. There is also a PA system attached that allows the city to broadcast their own emergency message. The city has done silent testing of the alert system but this was the first broadcast test in a couple of years. Widener said overall the test went very well and they learned a lot of valuable information.