All Depth Halibut Season Closed

No Additional Back-Up Dates for Central Coast Spring All-Depth Halibut Fishery.

The first set of back-up dates (June 30-July 1) had landings of 29,585 pounds, this brings the total landings to 145,634 pounds, leaving 6,078 pounds remaining on the spring all-depth quota.  ODFW, NMFS, and IPHC agreed that there is insufficient quota remaining for any additional back-up dates.  Therefore the spring all-depth fishery is CLOSED for the remainder of 2017, no additional back-up dates will be open. The remaining poundage will be transferred to the summer all-depth season.

The last opening had ok weather on Thursday, with conditions improving on Friday, and then again on Saturday allowing many anglers to get out to chase halibut.  Anglers fishing out of Newport accounted for 79 percent of landings and 70 percent of the effort.  Pacific City and Depoe Bay each had 5-10 percent of the effort.  Angler success varied by port; ranging from 20 percent (2 fish for every 10 anglers) out of Coos Bay, Garibaldi and Pacific City to 70 percent out of Newport and Winchester Bay.  The remaining ports all had a 25-30 percent success rate.  Average size of landed fish also varied by port from 19 pounds round weight in Garibaldi to 35 pounds round weight in Winchester Bay.  Coastwide the average size was approximately 30 pounds round weight, which was up from the average size of 27 pounds round weight from the June 15-17 opening.

Summer All-Depth Season—opens August 4-5, if quota remaining, can be open every other Friday and Saturday.  The adjusted quota (summer quota plus leftover from the spring all-depth) is 66,281 pounds.

Nearshore Season— opened June 1, seven days per week.  There has been a total of 8,292 pounds landed, leaving 20,605 pounds (71.3%) of the quota remaining.  Average size of fish so far this season has been 28-29 pounds round weight.