Depoe Bay Says No To Camping In The Park

By Kiera Morgan

The Depoe Bay City Council accepted public input during a pubic hearing at the City Council Meeting regarding the Depoe Bay Parks Commission request to the City Council to approve some rules and regulation changes for five days only from August 17-21, during the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Some of the recommendations included allowing tent camping with restrictions at the Depoe Bay parks. During the public hearing there were some who were in favor and felt it was a way for the city to make some extra money for the parks department.

Others spoke against the proposed rule changes. Residents testified about concern over fire danger, lack of restroom facilities, litter and noise. There was also concern over lack of enforcement of rules since police will be very busy throughout the county at that time. Councilors Loren Goddard and Debbie Calendar  said several citizens have spoken to them who are not in favor of the proposed changes.

Councilor Gambino said he felt people would be trying to camp out in the park anyway and it would be better to have a place for them to go and have some rules for them to follow. During council discussion it was found that the risks out weighed the reward and the council voted against the proposed rule changes to allow tent camping in the city park six to one.