Open Burning Is Closed For The Summer


The season for yard debris burning is now closed in the City of Newport and Newport Rural Fire Protection District. It will re-open around the first of October when the fall rains return.

Recreational fires are still allowed and do not require a permit. Permits are required for open burning (the burning of yard debris). Burn permits may be obtained at our temporary office located at 225 NE 73rd Street in Newport. The NFD office hours are 8 to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Burn permits are issued for each burn season, so anyone wishing to burn yard debris in the fall must obtain a new permit. Anyone with questions regarding burn permits and back yard burning may call the Fire Department at 541-265- 9461.

Newport Fire Department would like to point out some safety tips for recreational fires. Always have a water supply available and extinguish your fire before you leave. Keep recreational fires at least 15 feet away from any structure or combustible materials. Please be respectful of your neighbors and be mindful of where the smoke is traveling.