Fishermen Ask Port Not To Consider Shipping Agreements

By Kiera Morgan

The Port of Newport is continuing their research regarding whether or not to work with Silvan and Teevin to re-establish  shipping from Newport. In a letter sent to the Port from Heather Mann from the Mid Water Trawlers she states that the Port should not move forward with any agreements allowing shipping without first making prior arrangements for exclusive use of the terminal by the midwater fleet during their high season times November through mid January and again from April 1st through May 15th.

Silvan has said that they would only need possibly one ship in November and could take December off. They also asked that the commission not act on any decisions until the new port commissioners have been sworn in, which would be in July. The letter stated that the fishing vessels using the international terminal are larger boats and there are more of them now than there were when there was shipping out of the port before the dock was fixed up. The letter stated that if the vessels were displaced they would have to go elsewhere and the city and county would loose business.

If the port becomes a exclusive use terminal only for fishing vessels it would also have an impact on those who have not been able to do shipping. They utilized the terminal prior to its forced closure due to the need for replacement. This means small woodland owners have to pay additional costs to have their logs shipped out of the area for sale. This could also affect the possibility of cruise ships coming to Newport in the future. The port will be holding a special meeting to further discuss weather or not to go forward with agreements to bring back shipping on Tuesday June 27th.

Meeting packet link for the Tuesday Night special meeting including the letter from the Mid Water Trawlers and the port managers recommendations.