Water Testing Begins On Devils Lake

Each week during the recreation season the Devils Lake Water Improvement District tests and monitors the waters of Devils Lake for E-coli and Harmful Algae Blooms, known as HAB’s for its’ residents and users. This is done by a dedicated group of trained volunteers that are part of the SOS & Water Monitoring Committee. Beginning Memorial Day and lasting through Labor Day volunteers conduct weekly tests to determine the risks of exposure to E-coli and HABs.

Weekly tests are conducted for E-coli levels and HABs testing occurs when there is evidence of an algae bloom taking place. This last week of testing showed no algae blooms were taking place so testing for HABs was not performed. Results of E-coli testing this last week show low numbers of E-coli throughout the lake with the exception of Thompson Creek. The numbers in this area are very high. Although it appears that there is little risk of exposure to HABs at present this can change at any time.

It is important for lake users to use their own best judgment when recreating in any body of water. To be sure you are safe at all times stay out of areas where it appears that algae may be concentrating. Pets and small children can be especially vulnerable to exposure to even small amounts of HABs toxins. For further information on established Recreational Water Quality Standards and information on Devils Lake E-coli testing go to their website at http://dlwid.org/