Hwy 20 Work This Summer

U.S. 20 Corvallis-Newport Highway Construction Update Summer 2017

Construction season is underway and this summer travelers on U.S. 20 will see the completion of the west end curve of the Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville Project and two separate but nearby paving projects. Expect some 20 minute delays during day and night work, but no scheduled long or overnight closures.  There will be no closures during holidays or around the eclipse (Monday, August 21).

Because of the variety of project needs, it is likely that travelers will encounter more than one traffic delay due to work on the west end curve and the two paving projects. However, traveler needs have been taken into consideration and changes in coordination between the projects will be made if needed.

West End Curve

The west end curve is the last half mile of roadway to be built for the U.S. 20 Pioneer Mountain – Eddyville Project and is scheduled to be completed in September. The curve in the existing roadway is being straightened by moving the roadway away from the river.

The main portion of the project, a 5.5 mile new alignment, opened on October 11, 2016. This new roadway replaces a ten mile segment of the original 1917-built U.S. 20 that has narrow lanes and sharp curves. The original roadway is now called Crystal Creek Loop and can be accessed at Eddyville and near the west end curve.

Travelers should expect occasional delays of 20 minutes or less in the construction area. Most work will be occurring off of the existing roadway. There will be some blasting on site, so travelers should be aware that longer closures could occur.

  • Work is scheduled to be completed by September 22, 2017 (except for seeding, planting, and punch list).
  • Work will be done 6 days a week, 12 to 13-hours per day, during the day. This could change if there are weather or other delays.
  • On June 1, about two weeks of 24 hour flagging will begin. Most delays will be 10 minutes or less, but there may be some delays up to 20 minutes for random occurrences.
  • 20 minute traffic holds for blasting, in both directions.  About five blasts are still needed on the project.  Blasting is to start the first or second week of June, with one or two a week planned.
  • After 24-hour flagging ends, flaggers will be stopping traffic during the day with one-lane closures. Mostly short holds but occasional holds up to 20-minutes.
  • One or two weeks of lane closure and flagging on Crystal Creek Loop.
  • About one week of 24-hour flagging around the end of August or early September.
  • Additional flagging and pilot car work will be needed to pave and stripe in mid-September.

Information provided by ODOT