Lincoln City Police Conduct DUII Enforcement

DUII Thinking

The Lincoln City Police Department is pleased to announce they will be utilizing DUII Enforcement Grant funds to conduct enhanced DUII enforcement patrols over the Memorial Day weekend time period. The Lincoln City Police Department plans on putting extra patrol officers on duty during the Memorial Day Weekend time period when higher numbers of impaired drivers are likely to be on the roadways. These enhanced enforcement operations will occur in conjunction with the national “High Visibility Enforcement” event, which runs May 26th, 2017 through May 29th, 2017.

The national High Visibility Enforcement events are designed to increase the number of law enforcement officers on the streets with an emphasis on locating drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs. This increased patrol effort is also designed to help deter those impaired persons from driving in the first place. Impaired driving continues to be a leading cause of motor vehicle crash deaths and injuries throughout Oregon and the nation. The Lincoln City Police Department last utilized the DUII Enforcement Grant funds to conduct an enforcement operation during the “Christmas / New Years” time period. During that operation one DUII arrest was made.

The members of the Lincoln City Police Department are committed to the safety of our citizens and visitors. These grant funds are a valuable resource that will assist us in improving the traffic safety in our community. Our goal is simple; to save lives and prevent injuries caused by impaired driving crashes. These grant funds were made possible through the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Impact.

Information provided by Lincoln City police