New Resource Officer For North County Schools

Lincoln County School District is pleased to welcome new Lincoln City School Resource Officer Logan Smith. He is no stranger to Lincoln County, as he graduated from Taft High School and has been with the Lincoln City Police Department for the last seven years. LCSD Safety Coordinator Sue Graves spent a morning with Officer Smith last week, providing him with a tour of each Lincoln City school and reviewing LCSD school safety procedures.

“Students at Oceanlake Elementary School were all eyes on Officer Smith as we walked down the hall,” said Ms. Graves. “I heard spontaneous questions and responses like: ‘Are you a police officer?’ ‘Do you work at the courthouse?’ ‘Police officers are cool!’ ‘I want to be a police officer when I grow up.’ I heard that last statement several times. The students seemed awestruck by him. It was adorable.” At Taft Elementary School, students had a welcome/thank you poster ready for Officer Smith. When staff saw him walk into the building, they quickly snapped a group picture with him.

School Resource Officers play a very important role in our schools. They proactively promote school safety and support student success by:
Education: Educating students and staff on issues today’s youth struggle with;
Building Relationships: Developing positive and trusting relationships with students and staff; and by
Supporting Administrators: Assisting school principals with law enforcement related matters at school.

We are grateful for Lincoln City Police Department’s dedication to our Lincoln City Schools. Their generous and purposeful investment in the students of our community over the last 17 years, through our previous School Resource Officer Oscar Escalante and the many other fine officers who support our schools has positively affected the lives of many children, and helped to build safer school environments. School Resource Officer Smith will be in our schools part time for the remainder of this school year, and full time starting with the coming school year. We welcome him!