Depoe Bay Continues Getting Ready For The Eclipse

Lincoln City

By Kiera Morgan

The Depoe Bay city council heard a report from Jackie McKim, chair of the solar eclipse committee. She reported to the council that they are sending out letters to residents between Otter Rock and Gleneden Beach. The information explains what to expect with the eclipse and steps residents can take to help themselves with the increase in people at the coast. “Jim White and I have been speaking with the local restaurants of how they can work together during the six day event, which is expected to be from Thursday August 17 through Tuesday the 22nd.” ¬†We asked about how many people the businesses can serve, what the average turnover time is and weather or not they should consider condensing their menu during this time to get people in and out quicker.”

Also suggested was the possibility of renting a refrigerated truck that several businesses could share if they need additional refrigerated supplies during that time. McKim said “Tidal Raves will be getting a new refrigeration system in and will offer what extra space they have available to those restaurants in need.” Some businesses talked about having a shuttle available to get their employees who live out of the area a way to get back and forth to work. She added that they are coordinating with other entities throughout the city including the coast guard, the fire department and Neighbors for Kids on how to deal with issues such as increased needs for water, garbage, lost kids and pets, and the need for more porto-potties. The idea is to gather as much information as possible now so that when the event happens the city is better prepared for the increase in visitors.