Gomberg’s No Hidden Fees Bill Passes The House

Oregon’s booming tourist economy attracts millions to the state annually to see the scenic coastline, ski the tall peaks and experience the majesty of the high desert. But for some travelers, their visit includes a stay in a hotel where hidden fees can put a damper on the trip. House Bill 3101, which passed unanimously in the Oregon House of Representatives Thursday, seeks to address that problem by prohibiting hotels and inns from charging fees, in addition to the price of the room, unless they are disclosed prior to the reservation or rental.

Rep. David Gomberg (D-Otis) was the chief sponsor of the bill. Rep. Bill Kennemer (R-Oregon City) was a sponsor. “Charging people surprise fees does not live up to the friendliness and hospitality that Oregonians pride themselves on. In addition, surprise fees disadvantage hotels that clearly state their rates from the start,” Rep. Gomberg said. “I was proud to work with Rep. Kennemer in providing this important consumer protection and provide the many who experience our great state the transparency they deserve.” The bill now heads to the Oregon Senate for consideration.