Lincoln City Council Asked to Oppose Measure 21-177


By Kiera Morgan

This week at the Lincoln City city council meeting during public comment there were citizens who spoke in opposition of Measure 21-177, the proposed ban on pesticide spraying. Rex Capri told the council that there is no clear definition of aerial spraying in the measure. Proponents have said that it includes only helicopter, plane or droid application of pesticides.

Mr. Capri said the lack of definition of aerial spraying could have an effect on the fishing industry, as boats when they are painted are sprayed with a paint that contains a pesticide that prevents mollusks from growing on the bottom of the boat. This has to be sprayed from a platform due to the size of the vessels. Local farmer Tim Miller also spoke to the council. He said he uses spraying to control invasive species on his farm. He also pointed out the inconsistencies with the lack of definitions of aerial spraying with the measure.

“Nobody knows exactly what that means, not event the people who are organizing this.” Miller said he attended one of the first meetings that was held to provide information about the measure and said he asked about the definition of aerial spraying. “They said if your feet are on the ground your not aerial spraying. I asked what about if I am on my tractor? and was told that would be considered aerial spraying.” Now he added they have changed to say that it is only from a plane or¬†from a helicopter.

Joe Steer a local forester and farmer spoke to the council also opposing Measure 21-177. He expressed concerns regarding the mentioning of allowing direct action, which would allow someone who doesn’t feel the county is enforcing the measure the way they interpret can take action and would not be held accountable by law enforcement.¬†Proponents of the measure have repeatedly said that direct action would only be if the county is not enforcing the measure then it allows for protests.

Mr Capri came back during the second public comment and encouraged the Lincoln City council to read through the information on the measure and to take a stance on it as the County commissioners, Newport city council, Sheriff Landers and the ports of Newport and Toledo have. The council did not respond.