Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Accredited

By Kiera Morgan

During the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting, the Sheriff’s Office was presented with an “Accreditation Award” by Oregon Accreditation Alliance Executive Director Ed Boyd. Boyd said that receiving accreditation is all about standards. There are standards to become a law enforcement officer. Standards of accountability, performance and conduct are constantly preached to deputies. During the ceremony, Sheriff Landers gave special recognition to Administrative Sergeant Mark Meister for his efforts as the accreditation manager.

Accreditation is a recognition that a law enforcement agency follows an enhanced set of standards outlined in their policies and procedures. These standards are deemed to be “best practices” for law enforcement nationwide and ensure services are delivered to citizens with a high level of competency and fairness to increase public trust and confidence.

Becoming an accredited law enforcement agency in the State of Oregon is a special achievement. Only approximately 22% of all law enforcement agencies in the state have achieved accredited status to date. Only 41 police agencies in the state are accredited. This is a very rigorous process and not many are able to get everything done as it all has to be proved and shown. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office started the process of becoming accredited back in 2011.