No Spray For Depoe Bay

Hebo Kitchen

By Kiera Morgan

During this week’s (4/4) Depoe Bay city council meeting Mayor Barbara Leff requested a delay of backpack clear cut spraying immediately adjacent to Depoe Bay’s water reservoir and salmon-bearing streams. She said the city was notified in late March of the spray project by Hancock Forest Management, that they planned to spray eight pesticides. Leff was notified last weekend by Brady Weidner the city superintendent that he had received the letter from ODF and was concerned about the spraying taking place close to the cities reservoir and salmon and trout enhancement area.

According to Matt Thomas with the Oregon Department of Forestry Toledo office all the chemicals that were listed to be sprayed by Hancock Forest Management are approved by the Department of Agriculture. He said they have also exceeded the buffers above and beyond what is required. He said Hancock is following the rules of the Oregon Forest Practices Act. Mayor Leff and city officials will be meeting with representatives from Hancock to discuss the backpack spraying near the cities water source next week.