Toledo Gets New Speed Information Signs

The Toledo Police Department recently acquired three Shield 15 Speed Display Signs to alleviate the speeding problems in the City of Toledo.  Many residents have voiced their concerns about the speeding issues in their neighborhoods.  In fact, violation of the posted speed limit was the third highest ticket generator for the Toledo Police Department in 2016.  Throughout the State of Oregon, speed contributed to 30% of the traffic fatalities in 2015.

The Toledo Police Department specifically chose these signs for their capabilities.  The Shield 15 Speed Display Signs from All Traffic Solutions are lightweight and portable.  They can easily be attached to preexisting speed sign posts.  Making it easier to address speeding concerns throughout the city.  The signs are made of a rugged durable material which will withstand the Oregon Coastal weather.  The sign collects speed data while in “stealth mode” (not displaying speed) to create a baseline data table.

When the speed display is activated, the driver is made aware of their speed through large illuminated numbers.  If the driver exceeds the speed limit by 10 mph, the speed sign flashes the vehicles current speed.  When the driver exceeds the speed limit by 20 mph the sign flashes a strobe light and a picture is taken of the violator.  This is not a photo radar sign and speeding tickets will not be issued from this device.

The pictures the sign takes will assist the Toledo Police Department in identifying repeat offenders.  The speed signs also have an anti-tamper device taking pictures of suspected vandalism. The main purpose of the speed display sign is to correct a drivers speeding behavior through visual stimulation and not financial penalties.

The Toledo Police Department would like to especially thank Georgia Pacific for their generous donation of two Shield 15 Speed Displays.  Georgia Pacific has supported many organizations throughout the community through their community enrichment program.  Representatives of Georgia Pacific recognized the severe problem of how speeds contribute to vehicle fatalities and serious car accidents not only in the state of Oregon but also in our community.

The third sign was awarded by a grant through the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Supervisory Academy.  DPSST issues grants to select departments through their Basic Police and Leadership Academies to address community problems with innovative programs.  The results of how the speed signs have impacted the speeding problem in Toledo will be submitted to the Oregon Knowledge Bank Website (  The Oregon Knowledge Bank is a DPSST sponsored clearinghouse for local criminal justice evidence-based practices to assist other agencies with their own community problems.

The Toledo Police Department would like to thank Georgia Pacific and DPSST for their continuing support of the Toledo Community as they recognize speeding is a major issue in this area.

Information and photo provided by Toledo Police