Tillamook Emergency Crews Conduct Water Rescue

On Monday, April 3rd, 2017, at approximately 3:41pm, Tillamook 911 received a call regarding an overturned raft in the Wilson River near Alice’s Restaurant.  The caller, who was relaying the information, advised there were two people, a male and a female, who were struggling to get the raft out of the water.  The caller also advised that there were people nearby telling them to just get out of the water and not worry about their property.

Tillamook Fire personnel who arrived on scene advised they observed two subjects hanging on to a tree in the middle of the river.  The Tillamook County Sheriff and Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded and the Oregon State Police also responded with a motorized drift boat.

At about 3:58pm Fire personnel reported that the male had made it to the bank of the river but the female was still in the middle of the river on a log.  At approximately 4:51pm the female was rescued by OSP and transported to the bank for EMS evaluation.  Both subjects refused medical assistance and were transported by to their vehicle by Mills Bridge.

Information provided by TCEM

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  1. I am the woman rescued from the tree in the middle of the river. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who help me and my husband. I also want to clarify that for not even one second did we try to save our inflatable kayak. In fact it took quite some effort to push it away from the fallen tree that it was pinned under. My husband and I were pushed violently into the tree trunk and grabbed onto it. The kayak was lodged underneath it and making it harder for us to hang on to the tree. It took quite an effort to push the kayak out of our way. Once my husband assisted me onto the tree and out of the river he swam very vigorously to the bank and got help for me. I did not feel that I had the same strength to power over to that same bank so asked him to call for rescue. The water was very cold and I was very afraid. Again I thank everyone who helped us that day. And I want to emphasize that we did not care a lick about the kayak and want others to know that things can be replaced but people cannot. Much love and gratitude to this amazing community and the rescue team. We are forever grateful to the team and the residents on the river that helped us.

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